Our Services

The Milner School of Music, R.A.M. Records and Success Interface Publishing is a division of Milner Enterprises, Inc We are a liberal arts school which specializes in vocals, piano, guitar, drums, theory, saxophone, etc. We have beginning, intermediate and advanced levels in all phases of music. All ages are welcomed. Our goal is to help you, the student, to reach a professional level in whatever area you desire

The Milner Enterprises also incorporates R.A.M. Records and Success Interface Publishing. We are an independent record company which is geared to marketing professional musicians and also advanced students


Our vocal course is designed to teach you how to use proper breath control, support, articulation, ranger, vibrato, sight singing and ear training


Our string classes will help you learn rhythm guitar techniques, lead guitar, bass guitar, violin and cello. All scales, all chords, sight reading, music writing and ear training


Students will learn drum rudiments, all techniques and sight reading. Also drum set techniques

Group Classes

The Milner School offers small innovative group classes. These classes are limited to 6-8 students. Group classes are available Monday through Saturda

Private Lessons

Private lessons are available upon request. Our staff consist of degreed instructors and as well as professional musicians. These lessons are one on one student and instructors sessions and geared strictly to the students needs. We offer thirty (30) minute as well as one (1) hour sessions


You will learn sight reading, ear training, piano techniques, solo recital and music writing


You'll learn all proper fingering, sight reading, breath control and ear training


All theory classes will help students learn to read and write music, chord structure, scales,etc. It is recommended that all students take theory classes. It will enhance your overall music ability


All students perform every three to six months in a student showcase. This showcase consists of all students performing before a live audience



We provide hip hop dance Classes for all levels, from reknown dance instructors. Grow and learn at your pace Easy-to-follow lessons with in house instructor.